February 2016 Happy List

What? February is over? How time flies. These are the things that made me happy throughout the previous month.

1. Subscription Boxes

My husband and I have been eyeing these monthly subscription boxes for a while until we decided to give them a try.

  • Loot Crate

My hubby’s choice. This box is for geeks and gamers.  He started to subscribe last January where the theme was “Invasion”. Basically, the box includes random stuff based from Alien-themed movies and TV Shows. Last Feb, the theme was “Dead” and it features exclusive items based on Deadpool and The Walking Dead. The monthly subscription fee is about $20.

February #LootCrate #Dead #Deadpool and #TheWalkingDead

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  • Popsugar Must-Have

And this is my choice. I’d like to try this because it includes a little bit of everything from beauty products to food. I guess I entered in a good month because the February 2016 box as I’ve heard is the best so far. It even includes a $20 Victoria’s Secret gift card! For only $39.95 (minus $5 for my first box), the total retail value of this box is almost $300. Interested? Click here to subscribe and get $5 off for your first box.

My first ever #popsugarmusthave box. #February So many goodies. 🙂 Can't pick a favorite…

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2. Superbowl Halftime Performance

This had been trending because they say Beyonce and Bruno Mars made awesome performances while “stealing the show” from Coldplay who are the main performers . It sounded like Coldplay was bullied by a lot of netizens. This is my first Superbowl in America so I really don’t have a basis of comparison when it comes to halftime performances (except Katy Perry’s last year) but honestly? I think the band did a great job! I love the medley of their songs and everything about their performance.

3. Movies!

I just realized I watched movies in the movie house for three consecutive weeks: Hail, Caesar!. Deadpool and Zoolander 2. I won’t share anything about them yet because I’ll post it separately on my February Movie Diary.

4. My Apps of the Month

  • Color Switch

I’m actually not sure if it made me happy or annoyed. Haha. I couldn’t stop playing it. If you are looking for an addictive game or something just to pass the time, download Color Switch on your phone now. 🙂

I can't stop. 😦

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High Score Update: 37

  • DMV Genius (or Genie?)

One of my goals this year is to learn how to drive. The first step is to get my Driving Permit test. I tried to read the handbook for review but it just makes me sleepy everytime. Then, I discovered this nice practice test app! It’s a compilation of questions based from your state handbook. The questions are also categorized and have explanations after you answer them. It’s really cool! Hopefully, it will really make it easier for me once I take the test.

5. Street Fighter V

If you are a 90’s kid, you probably played this game when you were young.  I remember when my cousin and I would always choose Chun-Li because she’s pretty. Haha. So my hubby bought the new Street Fighter V and we enjoy playing it. As one of my FB friends commented, “The couple that plays together, stays together. ”

Hubby and wifey playing #StreetFighterV.

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6.Major Award Shows

  • Grammy

I can say that I enjoy watching the performances (Yep. Even Justin Bieber’s)! The results are okay, too. Taylor Swift won Album of the Year. I don’t hate her.  I actually love 1989 but I remember Sara Bareilles being nominated in the same category last 2014 and didn’t win despite her album being a genius masterpiece. I won’t argue because Daft Punk won that category that year. I guess, it’s just not her time yet.

  • Oscars

After the #oscarssowhite controversy, the biggest movie award ceremony was finally held last February 28. Chris Rock hosted the show and he had so many good points on his monologue. Anyways, I’m also happy that Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar! I saw The Revenant and I truly agree that he deserves it. 🙂

7. Aos Application is Approved!

Yay! I’m now a permanent resident here in the US. That means I won’t be deported soon. Haha. The Adjustment of Status interview is the final step that you have to take after entering the US through a K1 Visa a.k.a Fiance Visa. Once you’re approved, you don’t have to worry about any paperwork for almost two years, anyway.


What made you happy this week? Share it in the comments!


January 2016 Happy List

The first month of the year is over. These are the things that made me smile all through out January.

1. TV Craze

  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Oh Sherlock, how can you have such few episodes in one season when each season is two years apart? This new year, it’s just a special episode and for the most part, it was set in the 19th century. It’s interesting how the characters were in an alternative timeline. Too bad there’s no word yet on when the next episode’s gonna be.

|01.01.16| Watching the new #Sherlock with hubby. #Sherlocked #smileaday

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  • Lip Sync Battle: The Tatums

Well, you know how viral this episode is. Both Channing and Jenna gave very entertaining performances. *spoiler alert* Both of them brought home the belt but honestly, I thought Jenna’s gonna win. Hehe. Well, since it’s still an effort for Channing to dress as Elsa and Beyonce, he deserves it, too.

  • Adele Carpool Karaoke

Whenever I see Adele on TV (or in a viral Youtube video), I make sure that I see it. This video is fun to watch because I get to see her karaoke sing her own songs and rap with swag like Nicki Minaj. There are also some cool facts about her that I get to know from this video: 1) She’s also a Spice Girls fan and she can prove it by singing their song and 2) 25 will be the last album that she’s gonna have with her age as the album name  because she “believes in trilogy”.

2. Pentatonix: On My Way Home (Documentary)

I’ve been addicted to this group lately. Here’s a fun fact I’ve just learned about them: they won in an a capella contest called The Sing Off where Sara Bareilles (my fave) was one of the judges on that season. The documentary shared how the group started and where they are now. It gave me goosebumps seeing them achieve so many things like winning a Grammy! Though they’ve come too far reaching the world with their music, they still look back where they began. This documentary is now available on Netflix!

3. Vinyl REcords

I’m starting a collection of vinyl records but I think I’ll write a separate post about them. I wanna share why I decided to purchase them and my favorite tracks in each album.

Vinyl #4 and #5. First time that I was the one who purchased them. Hee. #Juno #SheandHim

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4. Gintama

I’m not really into anime but everytime my husband recommends something, I get hooked on them. This anime is so funny and I can see a possibility of me being attached to the characters.

5. Cutting

For some reason, I get this satisfying feeling when I cut the following:

  • Coupons

My sister-in-law is a couponer and she’s an expert on this field. Haha. You think the 50 cent coupon that you see from newspaper will only give you 50 cents savings? Ha! Well, we almost get stuff for free.

  • Box tops For Education

I’m now working in a preschool and I like giving Box Tops coupons to kids who don’t have them so they can paste them on paper. That way, they’ll get a prize a from the school. 🙂

6. Building Legos

Not much exposed to Legos when I was a kid so my hubby bought me some and I enjoyed building it. We decided to build special Lego every month and for our first one, we built a Batmobile. He loves Batman.

I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego Batmobile. Hee. #everythingisawesome

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That’s all for now. Looking forward for more smiles this February!

What made you smile this week? Share it in the comments!

December 2015 Happy List

Happy New Year, everyone! I know that there’s a lot in-store for us this 2016 but before that, I want to look back on what made me happy all throughout December!

1. Shopping Apps.

Now that I have a job, shopping is one thing that I love doing. Haha.

  • Shopkick. It’s an app that helps me earn “kicks” until I earned the required number of kicks to get a reward such as gift cards. 🙂 You can earn them by just walking-in the store, scanning products or purchasing stuff. I haven’t redeemed any rewards yet because I’m saving them for a bigger reward but my sister in-in-law has already earned some before so it’s legit.
  • Groupon. I haven’t purchased anything from it yet but I already see a lot of good stuff and great deals. 🙂

2. Music

  • 25 by Adele. I know I mentioned this already last month but this time, I just wanna share how awesome her album is! I love it so much. 🙂 I think this is my fave from her three albums so far (although I love the other two, too). The songs are much more positive than the songs on her previous one. I love to sing along with them, too.
  • Pentatonix. I purchased their self-titled album and I definitely recommend it to you. The songs are original and they wrote them themselves. How talented! Their music sounds like a mix of early 2000’s pop and current pop with a hint of Acapella Praise (they sound like they are singing in a church, if you know what I mean). This week’s Monday Music Inspiration is also from them. Check it out here.
  • Acoustic Christmas. I just love listening to Christmas songs! 🙂 Here’s a playlist I discovered on Spotify which I love. You can save it for next year. 🙂

3. Miss Universe 2015

I feel proud that Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines. The coronation night is pretty controversial but we can learn life lessons from it. Check out my post about it here.


4. Star Wars: the Force Awakens

My hubby and I loved the new Star Wars so much. 🙂 I love the fact that the main protagonist in this trilogy is a girl and she is a fighter! Daisy Ridley is my new girl crush!

|01.01.16| May the force be with you this 2016! #newyear2016 #kyloren #rey

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Dressing up as Kylo Ren and Rey for New Year’s Eve…

5. Christmas Presents.

It’s really humbling how our students in our preschool class took the time to give us Christmas presents. I’m not really expecting those so I’m thankful for them and their parents. 🙂

Meanwhile, during Christmas eve, we also had exchange gifts. It’s my first Christmas here in America and it’s the first time I was able to give my hubby a real gift. Haha. Check my post about it here. Besides, the turntable and Sara Bareilles vinyl that I received from him, here are some other gifts that made me happy:

  • A Wedding Photobook from my sister-in-law and her hubby. Okay, so we really just had a simple wedding and my brother-in-law took the photos for the occasion. We never really had a photobook and didn’t even think about having one so it’s kinda awesome of them to give it as a gift. 🙂
  • Dresser from my mother-in-law and her partner. We have a little closet in our room but we need more space for our clothes so this is really something that we want.
  • Portable Speakers from my brother-in-law. I’ve been wanting Bluetooth speakers ever since. Haha. Now, I can finally soundtrip while doing my house chores.

That’s all for now. If you wanna check my everyday smiles, follow me on Instagram. 🙂 I’ll sure follow you back if you comment on here with your username. 🙂

What made you smile this week? Share it in the comments!


November 2015 Happy List

Winter is coming! How time flies! It’s already December and here I am again to share what made me happy throughout the month of November.

1. Kiss FM Fall Ball.

I had the chance to watch Daya, R City, Becky G., Omi, Andy Grammar and Demi Lovato perform live here in Seattle for the Kiss FM Fall Ball. It was nice how near I was on stage but too bad because I can hardly see their faces on my phone camera. It’s okay though because I enjoyed the performances. My favorite parts were when Demi sang Skyscraper and Adele’s current single Hello.


2. New Albums from two of the best ever singer-songwriters.

  • What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress by Sara Bareilles

So this is what I’ve been listening to on repeat these days. Sara Bareilles just wrote songs for the broadway adaptation of the 2007 movie Waitress. I’ve seen this movie before so listening to the songs makes me imagine the scenes from the film. Sara is a real genius in songwriting. The music and lyrics are all amazing and it’s cool how she recorded her own interpretation of the songs. I love them all. 🙂

Yay. 🙂 #sponsoredbyhubby #whatsinside #waitress #sarabareilles

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  • 25 by Adele

Adele has been naming her albums from the age she wrote the songs in it.  All I can say is she continues to prove why she’s the queen. I’m just starting to listen to it but I’m already loving it.

Enjoying Adele's new music. #25 #hello #music #nowplaying

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3. My First Ever Thanksgiving Dinner and Black Friday Experience.

Honestly, I’m already used to having parties at home because it seems like we always host them almost every week. 😛 But it’s still fun because I have two days off and I love how families get together and think of the things they are thankful for. On Black Friday, I was able to buy working clothes, boots (my first ever pair of boots!) and my presents for my family in the Philippines. I am planning to send them probably after Christmas. 🙂

Here are my boots, anyway.  I took a shoe selfie while waiting for the bus.

Shoe selfie on a very cold morning. #fall #frost #Skechers

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What made you smile this week? Share them in the comments.

October 2015 Happy List

Happy November! 🙂 These are the things that made me happy throughout October.

1. Biographical Books.

  • Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. One day, I told my husband that Mindy Kaling has a new book and I feel like I want to read it. The next day, he bought it for me. That’s how sweet he is. Hehe. Anyways, to be honest, I’m not very much familiar with Mindy yet but this book made me get to know and admire her. Gonna post some life lessons from the book soon.

Pasalubong ni mister. Hehe. #sponsoredbyhubby

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  • Sounds Like Me by Sara Bareilles. I love, love Sara Bareilles. She’s my favorite artist in the whole wide world. Hehe. She’s such a great singer and songwriter. When I found out that she’s going to share the stories behind some of her songs through a book, it made me so excited. Learned a lot from this book and I’m also going to share them soon.

Yay!!! Now, I just need's Sara's signature on this! Haha. #SoundsLikeMe #sponsoredbyhubby @sarabareilles

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2. Meeting Sara Bareilles.

Speaking of Sara being my favorite artist in the whole wide world, I got to meet her on her book signing! She is so pretty and kind. 😀 Too bad I wasn’t able to hug her but I gave her a love letter.

3. Game Apps.

  • Glee Forever! I love rhythm games. I used to be a Gleek, too so it’s fun tapping along with Glee classics. 🙂
  • PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist. My hubby and I love Pewdiepie and we want to support him by purchasing this game. Hehe. It’s cool how it has different gameplays in each level. Totally worth it. 🙂

glee Pewdiepie

4. The Martian.

It’s one of the best movies of 2015! I like how funny and enthralling it is. Check out the life lessons I’ve learned from it here.

5. My sister-in-law’s engagement.

Last October 10, I witnessed a proposal for the first time. It’s even more awesome because I was a part of it. So happy for my sister-in-law and her fiancé. It reminded me of my own engagement which I shared here.

Congrats Ate Marinelle & Kuya KMark. :))) Yieee!!! #justengaged

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6. My first ever Trick or Treat experience.

I don’t have a picture for this. Haha. But I just wore my Batman T-shirt and mask, went from door to door with my nice and nephews and got some candies. It was so cool. Haha.

That’s all for October.

What made you smile recently? Share it in the comments!