April and May 2016 Movie Diary

Hello! I am documenting the movies I’ve seen this year and will share a little something about them.

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17. Cant’t Hardly Wait (1998)

Date: 04.02.16
Source: Netflix
Comment: If you’re in the mood to watch a 90’s feel-good high school movie, I recommend this.

18. The 5th Wave (2015)

Date: 04.03.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: It’s not boring for me but I feel like there are a lot of plot holes. Not a big fan of this movie.

19. The Jungle Book (2016)

Date: 04.16.16
Source: Movie Theater
Comment: I love it!!! And the kid is so cute. He definitely fits the role. This is a funny movie and I recommend this for the whole family to watch. πŸ™‚

20. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Date: 04.30.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: Had to watch this before watching Captain America. I like Avengers movies (the the first one and the individual ones) and this one didn’t fail me.


21. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Date: 05.08.16
Source: Movie Theater
Comment: So much better than the Batman vs. Superman movie. In the movie, it’s hard to choose sides between Captain America and Iron Man because because both of them have a point. Spider-Man and Ant-Man/Giant-Man are awesome, too!

22. The Truman Show (1998)

Date: 05.21.16
Source: Netflix
Comment: It’s a nice film. I’m just not satisfied with the ending. I wanna know what happened to Truman after. Hehe.

23. Spy (2015)

Date: 05.27.16
Source: Cable TV
Comment: Funny and action-packed film. I like movies that show Girl Power and here’s one of them. πŸ™‚


What good movies have you seen recently? Share it in the comments!


March 2016 Movie Diary

Hello! I am documenting the movies I’ve seen this year and will share a little something about them.

Before you read this post, you can also check my previous movie diaries by clicking the name of the months:



Last March…

9. The Big Short (2015)

Date: 03.05.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: Hmm. They say it’s good and I’m pretty sure it is. But I honestly couldn’t understand it. Haha. There are just so many jargons and even though they were explained through analogies, my shallow brain still couldn’t comprehend it. I watched it until the end though.

10. Man of Steel (2013)

Date: 03.06.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: I watched it in preparation for the Batman vs. Superman movie. It’s okay. It was too serious but my hubby said DC movies are usually serious compared to Marvel. Anyways, I also noticed how things were not-so-believable in the movie and I was pissed on how many buildings were destroyed killing lots of people . I know it’s just a movie but I thought that maybe that would be Batman’s reason for hating Superman. And I was right. Ooops, spoiler.

11. Mockingjay Part 1 (2014)

Date: 03.12.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: I wasn’t able to finish it but I feel too lazy now to do so. I’m kind of cheating with my Movie Diary. Haha. Well, I’ve just seen the first hour and watched Mockingjay Part 2 the next day so I don’t think it matters now. I dunno why it doesn’t get my attention anymore.

12. Mockingjay Part 2 (2015)

Date: 03.13.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: Again, I wasn’t watching seriously but I still understood what was happening. I hate that it suddenly looked like a romantic film between Katniss and Peeta. I’m just not that enthusiastic with Hunger Games anymore. My hubby like the last movies though. He noticed a lot of plot holes with the first ones. I’m just, for some reason, bored with the last movies.

13. Daddy’s Home (2015)

Date: 03.13.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: It does have a low rating but I like it. Haha. Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg just have this comical chemistry that made me and my family laughed so hard while watching the movie.

14. Allegiant (2016)

Date: 03.19.16
Source: Movie Theater
Comment: I didn’t see the second one but I still understood this third installment of the Divergent Series. I can say that it’s just okay. I didn’t get bored during the film but there’s still no ending yet so there will be a continuation after this for sure.

15. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Date: 03.27.16
Source: Movie Theater
Comment: Unfortunately, the trailers were better than the movie itself. My hubby is a big Batman fan and he’s disappointed with the film. I don’t wanna give any spoilers but the climax was kinda funny. And their fight scene was only 5 minutes. They should’ve given it a different title. By the way, Wonder Woman rocks!

16. Sisters (2015)

Date: 03.27.16
Source: Downloaded/Rented
Comment: Watched it with my sisters-in-law. Tina and Amy are really funny together. We enjoyed watching it.

What good movies have you seen recently? Share it in the comments!

Movie Diary: January 2016

Hello! I love watching movies! However, it’s not like I watch movies all the time. This year, I have decided to list down the films I’ve watched every month. Let’s see the total number of these movies at the end of the year. πŸ™‚

1. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Date: 01.01.16
Source: Rented/Downloaded
Comment: I just watched the 70’s Star Wars trilogy before the recent one came out. I loved it as well as the new one. I super love Rey. πŸ™‚ I heard from others that the prequel wasn’t really good so it’s okay for me not to watch it. I was just curious of how Darth Vader became a villain so I still watched it and to be honest? I got sleepy during this first film.

2. Star Wars: Attack of the CloneS (2002)

Date: 01.02.16
Source: Rented/Downloaded
Comment: Ditto.

3. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Date: 01.02.16
Source: Rented/Downloaded
Comment: I guess this is the best of the three. πŸ™‚

4. Goosebumps (2015)

Date: 01.09.16
Source: Rented/Downloaded
Comment: This is a pretty feel-good movie. I recommend it for you to watch with family and friends for a good laugh.

5. Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015)

Date: 01.10.16
Source: Netflix
Comment: So this is really a documentary. And as I’ve shared on my last Happy List, I’m addicted to them lately. Good news: they will have a world tour! They will be here in Seattle on April 27 and we already purchased tickets! *excited*

Any good movies you’ve watched recently? Share it in the comments!

Life Lessons from Miss Universe 2015

Hurrah! Proud Filipina here as Miss Philippines won this year’s title. πŸ™‚ If you watched the coronation night (I actually just saw the last part) or noticed from your social media feeds, it has been controversial because Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 instead of first runner-up. She has already been crowned and it took a few minutes before the host came back to the stage to correct his mistake. It was so awkward that you’d think it only happens in the movies.

Until now, I still see different reactions from people. Some mock Steve Harvey, some show sympathy to Miss Colombia, some blame Miss Philippines for what happened and a whole lot more reactions. Oh well, all I can say is we still get to learn some life lessons from this year’s beauty pageant.

1. Humility is Beauty.

Pia Wurtzbach’s reaction when she realized that she is the real winner is really priceless. She was never bitchy. I kept on watching that scene, honestly. It was mixed of confusion, happiness and sympathy to Miss Colombia. I love how she was already feeling happy being the first runner-up until the new announcement was made. She really deserves it. πŸ™‚

2. Be man enough to admit your mistakes and correct them.

Come on, you guys. Steve Harvey made an honest mistake. He apologized for it and did the right thing. Stop making fun of him or blaming him.

3. Perseverance can lead you to success.

Did you know that Miss Philippines joined the national pageant three times before she won the crown? She said she has three notebooks (one from each year) that she reviewed for Q & A. She never gave up even though she already lost two times and look where she is now.

4. If you have a dream, believe that you can achieve it.

She was so positive that even in her previous Twitter posts and interviews, she claimed that she’s gonna win and she did!

5. everything happens for a reason.

This is what Miss Colombia said in an interview backstage after the awarding. I agree with her. I know that what happened was awful butΒ  I believe that there are a lot of things in store for her because she’s remembered by people. This might be a good thing after all.

6. Be confidently beautiful with a heart.

This was taken from Pia’s answer in Q & A. No matter who you are or what you look like, we can all be Miss Universe if we live by it, too.Β  πŸ™‚

I hope we can just focus on these bright sides. Don’t be haters. It’s almost Christmas after all. πŸ™‚Untitled-1


Any other life lessons you can share about it? Write them in the comments! πŸ™‚


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Life Lessons from Sounds Like Me

Sara Bareilles is my most favorite artist not only because she can sing so well but also because she writes songs with heartfelt lyrics and melodies. When I first heard that she’s going to release a book about her life and songs, I made sure that I was going to have it as soon as possible. Hurrah! Not only I get to have her book, I also got it signed by Sara herself!

One of the best moments of my life…


I was able to finish her book in just two days even though I was busy because I really loved reading through each page. I am a frustrated singer-songwriter and this book was the kind of inspiration I was looking for. More to that, I’m glad that you can also gain some life lessons from it. Here are the things we can learn from the book.

1. Heartaches help you become a better person.

Whether this heartache started from your childhood or from your first love, it will help you become better and stronger as a person. So, don’t dwell in your heartache. Create a beautiful song out of it.

2. God listens to your prayers.

I think she mentioned three times that she literally prayed when she was feeling so hopeless like the time when she just wanted to write a song for herself and not for anyone else. After praying, she placed her hands on the piano keys and voila, she finished writing Love Song in about thirty minutes.

3. Do not be a people-pleaser.

I understand how sometimes we must consider other people in making decisions but if our own identity or happiness suffers, it’s time to listen to our own voice.

4. Believe that you are beautiful (inside and out!).

Sara had her insecurities, too and I think I will never run out of them. As we grow older, we will meet people who will make us believe we’re ugly or we’re not good enough. Truth be told, the number one person who should find you beautiful is yourself.

5. Do not forget the people who have helped you.

It’s nice to know how Sara mentioned different people who have helped her in small and big ways including a musician she met in Italy where she lived for two years, her bandmates and co-writers and even Taylor Swift! I admire how she expressed her gratitude to these people.

Yay!!! Now, I just need's Sara's signature on this! Haha. #SoundsLikeMe #sponsoredbyhubby @sarabareilles

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6. Do not limit yourself.

She thought writing for a musical was just a fantasy. She thought she wouldn’t be able to always reach the highest note in Brave. She thought she wouldn’t be able to finish her book. If you surround yourself with people who can help you achieve the “impossible” and also believe in yourself that you can do it , you’ll taste the sweetness of success.

7. Stay humble

“..I was reminded there is always room for more humility. It’s one thing to dream of connecting in a big way; it’s another thing to crave attention.” I can definitely relate with Sara on this one. Sometimes, we expect praises from other people after doing something we’re really proud of. In the end, instead of feeling disappointed, we would feel embarrassed of the thought and realize how we needed to be reminded of humility.

8. Rejection is a sign of something better.

As I’ve mentioned, Sara really wanted to be a part of a musical. To start taking action for this dream, she auditioned for a role in a musical but was turned down for it. After a couple of months, she’s asked to write songs for the stage adaptation of the movie Waitress. Don’t wanna mention more “spoilers” about this one but you’ll find out why being rejected can sometimes lead to good things.

9. Use your talents for good.

Whatever gift you have, use it to inspire others. πŸ™‚

10. Be brave.

Just like the message of her song Brave, the book speaks about courage… Courage to speak up your mind, courage to try new things, courage to trust others and courage in being yourself.

If you’re a fan of Sara’s music, I encourage to read this book. πŸ™‚

What life lesson from this list struck you the most? Share it in the comments?