Goodbye, Papang! ‘Til We Meet Again…


A few hours after my last post, my father passed away. It’s something that we didn’t expect. My heart is broken.

How He Left Us

It was just like a normal day. In the morning, he went to my churchmate’s funeral (who was also my bestfriend’s mom). Then, he went to his brother’s birthday party in the afternoon together with my mother. They got home at about 6:00 PM. They brought home food and asked me if I wanted to eat with them but I was already full so I just stayed inside my room.

I was just blogging until I fell asleep. At about 10:00 PM, my mamang woke me up. My parents were both sleeping in the living room. They have their own mattress there. Mamang saw papang sleeping with his legs outside the mattress so she tried to wake him up but he was not responding. I went to the living room and tried to wake him up as well. I was already shouting his name. I was in panic so I asked my mamang to call someone to bring papang to the hospital. She went outside and there I was with my papang still waking him up. I placed my hand near his nose and mouth. He’s not breathing anymore. 😦 When we got to the hospital, he was already gone. 😦

The Hardest Part

To be honest, I’m still not really in the mood to blog. I’m still sad. I know I’m supposed to be positive in all things but I’ll get to that later. I think what hurts me most is seeing my mother in pain for losing her husband. She has a lot of regrets and what-ifs. I always tell her not to blame herself. We were not all prepared because it was so sudden. My papang wasn’t even sick but God had scheduled papang to only live until August 25, 2014. He was happy and it was peaceful. My father didn’t like to be a burden to us when he gets older and he got what he wanted. I truly miss him but I avoid getting emotional around my mother. Another sad moment: my mamang celebrated her birthday last August 28 during my father’s wake.

Remembering Papang

Looking back, I blogged about my Papang three times. Join me in rereading these blog posts…

  • Papang’s Surgery at St. Luke’s – It’s one of the unforgettable experiences I have with him. We used to fight a lot when I was younger but I think I’ve now matured and during this moment, I was able to show him how much I cared for him.
  • Life Soundtrack: Not Too Close with Dad – This was then. I guess, you only realize things when a person is already gone. Before papang left, my priority was to please him and I felt his appreciation with the things I did for him. How I miss him.
  • The Great 8: Qualities I Admire From My Father –Β  I told myself that I will show him this post next year. Maybe, I was still not comfortable being expressive with him. That’s one thing I regret. I should have hugged him enough when he was still alive.

The Silver Linings

Despite the pain, I should focus on the bright sides…

  • We didn’t see him suffer. He died peacefully.
  • A lot of people told us how kind my father was. He was a good man.
  • Being a Christian, I know by faith that he is now in a better place.

Today, I’m still grieving but I know that God will use people and other situations to comfort me.

Have you lost a loved one? Please share your experience and how you were able to move on. Thanks. πŸ™‚


I Don’t Want to Be a Yes Man Anymore

I just want to get this out of my chest…

There’s something I hate about myself. I’m gullible, I’m easily persuaded and sometimes, I just don’t know how to say no.

When a friend asks me a favor, I would definitely do it even though I have lots of things to do on my own. When someone needs to borrow or get something from me, I would give what that person needs even I need that, too. When someone sells or offers me something, I would buy it just because I can’t decline.Yes Man

Last week, I watched the movie Yes Man because I had an idea that it’s about a man (Jim Carey) who always say yes to everything and maybe I could relate. I didn’t know that he was just forced to do it after attending a seminar of some sort. This principle is about being adventurous and accepting the good things life has to offer although he kinda misunderstood the concept. Saying “yes” still depends on the situation. I do know when to say “no” but sometimes, it doesn’t get out of my mouth even if my brain says so.Β  That happened to me this week.

I was about to go home when a man approached me and my co-teacher. He told us that there’s a free eye check-up inside our admin office. I always wanted my eyes to be checked so we followed him right away. I knew there’s something wrong with my eyes since I was in college but the optometrists would always say they were still fine. Last Monday, it was finally confirmed that I have astigmatism and I need to wear eyeglasses.

Of course, they were prepared with the frames and lenses that I could choose from. They were here for business. I was still interested because I want my eyes treated. My co-teacher already left me because she was in a hurry so I was there alone with the female optometrist and her assistant. They were the ones suggesting what frame looks good on me since I really dunno what to choose for my chubby face.

Yes Man

I wish I could have just done this before I got into trouble.

Then, they suggested these glasses with subtle cat eye frames and I think they look better on me than the other ones I’ve tried. So, I asked how much they cost and it’s PhP4,600 ($115). Okay, so it’s way expensive than I expected. My father recently got new eyeglasses and it only cost PhP1,200 ($30). They told me that the reason it costs more is that their frames are all branded so I can use them for years and just replace the lenses. They have a point. I had no one to persuade me not to buy it so I asked them if I can think it over first then give them my decision the next day and I was left with it’s-now-or-never kind of situation. They even showed me that mine is even cheaper than the other teachers’ glasses because it has the lowest grade. Plus, I can pay it in installment. I felt like I had no way out so they won.

The next day, I told my co-teachers about what happened and I was already expecting negative reactions. I didn’t know that our head teacher already warned the teachers in the department not to get one because of the price. I was in class that time. πŸ˜₯ It was too late before I was able to process that:

  1. They are Chanel frames. Yes, the price is expensive but too cheap for this brand so I am really in doubt if this is genuine Chanel. Now, that I’ve already done my research, I think I got fooled. When they delivered them to me, I asked them if they are original and of course, they said they are and they would never ever sell fake signature brands. I just didn’t want to argue.
  2. The principal or the employees who let them inside the school would probably have commission. Thus, the price.
  3. The ones that I got are semi-rimless so I have to be careful not to drop them.

My older co-teachers comforted me by saying they have experienced the same before when they were younger. At least, these experiences will teach me how to be a smart buyer now. Hmm. Looking back since last year, I have already purchased things that I am now regretting. But I was ripped off again today and I still have to deal with it for the next three months.

Lesson Learned: When in doubt, NO! When your heart and mind says no, NO!
No means No.

The Bright Side: I can literally see clearly now. And again, I will pay it in installment. I took some (shameless) selfies to ease my pain…

My shamless #selfies 😭😭😭 #firsttime Ayoko na magpa-uto sa susunod. Haha. #YesManNoMore

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5 Cents Matter!

Philippine Five-Centavo CoinI went to the supermarket today because I was in the mood to make coffee jelly and buy some personal stuff for youth camp. The nearest grocery store from my house is Puregold. It’s also one of the biggest chain of supermarkets in the Philippines. There’s a rumor that this establishment doesn’t give the customers’ less-than-one-peso changes.

Actually, it’s not much of a rumor. I experience it myself. I just haven’t noticed it until I heard a customer complained about it on the radio. I also heard my co-teachers talked about this. When it was already my turn for the cashier, I was waiting for the total amount of my purchases so I could prepare my few collected coins which I got from SM Stores (because they devotedly give the change).

So, the total amount of what I bought was P609.95. Ok, I only had two twenty-five-centavo coins and a five-centavo coin (I just realized I’d already spent most of my coins). I wouldn’t be able to give the exact amount. 😦 I gave my one-thousand peso bill and the female cashier asked me if I had 10 pesos. I gave my ten-peso coin and she gave me my change– four hundred pesos.

I took a glimpse on her cash drawer and saw a five-centavo coin. I told her, “You have a five-centavo coin. Please give me my change,” on which she responded in a polite manner, “I’ll just finish this,” while already getting the next customer’s items. Actually, I wasn’t really sure if it’s five or ten centavos but she, at least, owed me an explanation why she didn’t give me my change. Even an apology would be nice. The bagger was already done packing my goods so I just told the lady, “Never mind!” in a pissed-off tone.

I didn’t really care about that before. Besides, what can I buy with five centavos? But like what I’ve heard on the radio, this has a bigger implication. Imagine, they owe me five centavos. What if they have 100,000 customers in the Philippines to whom they owe five centavos? That’s already P5,000. The most common coin they probably owe is 25 cents. If you multiply this to 500,000 customers, it will amount to P125, 000 and for 1,000,000 customers, it will be P250,000. Wow, I’m blogging Math. πŸ™‚

With this in my head, I wasn’t even able to get my inner-monster out when I was still there. I couldn’t. I’m an it’s-better-to-be-kind-than-to-be-right person. Well, at least, having a blog to share this out helps. πŸ™‚

Lesson Learned: 1.) Always be ready with your centavo coins everytime you go to a grocery store (especially to Puregold). Don’t use your centavo coins everytime you buy at SM because they can give you your change anyway. Save them in case you need it when you go to Puregold which most of the time you do. Haha.
The Bright Side: I can help others be informed through my blog. Plus, I have my coffee jelly to brighten up my day. πŸ™‚ Want some?

Coffee JellyCheers,


Forgetful Me

Oh Dory! I remember myself in you sometimes.

Oh Dory! I remember myself in you sometimes.

Of all the introductions I made about myself, I forgot to tell you how forgetful I can be. I can remember my childhood memories and even simple moments from the past but there are also simple things that I tend to forget easily. It’s like I have some sort of short-term memory loss. Hehe. I will give you an example. This is what happened to me today.

Since yesterday, I was thinking to buy a dress for our youth camp next week. I was chosen to be the emcee last year for the Banquet Night so it’s better to be prepared this year. πŸ˜› This morning, I still couldn’t decide if I’d purchase one because of oh-so-many reasons but in the end, I’d given up and decided to go to a boutique.

I’m not the type of girl who loves shopping but ever since I discovered this particular store in Cavite City, I felt like I wanted to buy at least one piece of clothing there every month. They sell nice clothes in a very affordable price. I went there with my cousin and friends. They were suggesting some dresses for me but since it’s summer, the designs and styles are mostly floral or summer-y. I need a semi-formal dress not a casual one so I guess, maybe I should not buy at all. Maybe, it’s a sign. Until, I saw this blouse hanging in the corner. It’s a loose long-sleeved cover-up type of top in brownish/dark purple-ish color. I think I could wear it for summer because it’s a bit see-through but I could also wear it on cold nights. When I tried it on, I literally fell in-love with it.

So, I didn’t think twice and bought it. It’s worth 350 pesos which is a low price for how it actually looks like but it’s also the same value as two hours of my tutorial. It was placed inside a paper bag and I was carrying it as I walked out happily from the store.

I had to ride two buses before I get to be at home. So, during my first ride, I edited the pictures that I would be posting on my Instagram just to pass the time. Then when I got to the bus stop, I transferred to the next mode of transportation. All seats should be occupied by passengers first before the bus got to move. So again, while waiting, I needed to kill boredom by browsing on my phone. I forgot my earphones so I couldn’t listen to music. I thought of taking a glimpse on my new blouse because I was so excited. Then, I realized… it’s not… with me… anymore. I left it on the other bus and it’s too late for me to go back.

My reaction after realizing that the paper was not with me anymore.

My reaction after realizing that the paper bag was not with me anymore.

I wanted to cry. I just wasted Php350 and the chance to own that gorgeous top. Well, technically, I owned it for about 15 minutes. Anyway, it’s not really much but it was the only one on the shop. I know when I go back there, I can’t buy another one like that. Probably, in a different color but not that one. How I wish I didn’t buy at all. I wanted a dress in the first place. Another thing I regret, why didn’t I hold that paper bag and just placed it beside me when I know I’m prone to forgetting things?

Well, yeah, this is not the first time that it happened. When I was 11, my mother scolded me hard because I also left my bag (filled with my dirty clothes) on a bus. I already lost a lot of umbrellas (those large ones) because I forget them when it’s not raining so I always prefer those folding ones. In my old school, I was known to always forgetting my tumbler in different rooms. I sometimes think I’m hopeless.

Well, what’s done is done. So, like what I’ve always planned on my blog, I should stay being positive.
Lesson Learned: If what I’m carrying is not heavy at all, hold it. FOCUS!!!
The Bright Side: I didn’t lose my phone or my wallet. It’s just a piece of cloth (and 350 pesos). I should move on.

Positive Dory