My Infinity: 8 Songs I’ve Written About Love and Distance

Last time, I shared the songs I considered as the official soundtrack of my love story. That includes popular songs from popular artists. This time, I would like to share to you the songs I’ve personally written for the love of my life. My bestfriend who is in LDR  listens to some of my songs as she can relate with them so hopefully, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you will like them, too. 🙂

1. First Love Song

And now, I’ve learned to write a love song ’cause you showed me how to love
Listen to my song ’cause this is what my heart wants you to know
I am so in-love…

Story Behind the Song: I wrote this even before my then-boyfriend-now-hubby became official. Since I couldn’t give him any present for his birthday, I thought of just writing a song for him. I was also planning to say “yes” to him on his birthday (he was still courting me at that time) but I couldn’t help it so it happened a few days early. This still stayed as my birthday gift and he was so happy about it. He told me that I beat all the “special” presents he received before.

It is literally the first love song I’ve written. I tried to write songs before but they would always be corny and mostly about heartache and foolish love. So this song means, because of him, I can now write love songs now that I feel that I am truly  loved.

Note: This version features Gorga Simobolon. A great artist from Indonesia. He’s my friend and was kind enough to play the music for me.

2. Infinity

‘Cause your love has taken over me and I can’t resist
To be with you, I’ll take every risk…

Story Behind the Song: This is the second one I wrote for him. It’s not as good as the first one but it still talks about my feelings for him. “Infinity” is kind of our thing because our anniversary is on July 8th. 🙂 “Baby” or “beb” is our term of endearment.

3. Do You Still Love Me?

Do you still love me, baby?
‘Cause I will still love you, dear

Story Behind the Song: This is the song that my hubby doesn’t like. Haha. Well, it’s pretty obvious. But I will include this just so you know that our relationship had experienced some problems, too. The chorus was supposed to be “Will you smile for me, baby?” but then it changed when I received some painful text messages from him. That time, we hadn’t met in person yet. And I felt that he’s kind of cold. And so the words in the verses came from our conversation about it. When you’re far apart and haven’t met in person, it’s only normal to ask yourself how you really feel. I couldn’t remember what happened next but all I know is our relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend lasted for 5 years and now we’re happily married.

Note: This version is produced by David Diem. An incredible artist and my friend from France.

4. But I Do

I know we’re miles apart but I do, but I do love you much
I know we’re miles away but I do, but I do love you, anyway

Story Behind the Song: I think this is my personal favorite. This is really about long-distance relationship. I described what I felt with him despite the distance and the other struggles that come with it like opposite time zones and discouraging people. (Read the full story and lyrics here.)

Note: This version was accompanied with drums played by Marcos GC, a talented drummer and a friend from Spain. 🙂

5. Worth the Wait

And I won’t wait this long if it’s not you that I am waiting
And I know a happy ending will be right there for me
In its time

Story Behind the Song: To be honest, I never really imagined myself being in a relationship with someone I had never met in person yet. And to wait for so many years just to be with him? Well, I just knew that he was worth the wait. If it was not him, I would not be in this kind of relationship. (Read the full story and lyrics here.)

Note: Another song accompanied with drums played by Marcos GC.

6. Forever Starts Today

Everyone says that what we have
Will never last ’cause it’s different
But we proved them wrong and we’ve gone so strong
We will sing a thousand love songs

Story Behind the Song: I wrote this during the during the 3rd year of our relationship. I am just so amazed how we started out as on-line friends and turned to on-line lovers after 8 years. Who would thought of that? And despite the distance and challenges, we overcame it. This song is also about looking forward to the future. 🙂

Note: This was again accompanied by drums played by Marcos GC. He’s really so kind to help me make my songs sound better. 🙂

7. Glass

When oceans and lands are between us
The love that we have is the kind that will last

Story Behind the Song: This is another LDR song. It’s about missing him. The glass is the computer monitor. Hehe. We see each other but there’s still great barrier between us.

8. You Are

You, You’re the best dream I have that came true
The one who makes me smile when I am blue
You are mine and I belong to you

Story Behind the Song: This is just a fun song about how he is to me. 🙂


Which one is your favorite? Share it in the comments, please! 🙂

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Then and Now: LDR Dates vs. Post-LDR Dates

Distance is such a challenge in keeping a relationship fun but I don’t think it’s a hindrance. Having been in a long-distance relationship for five years, I can say that it’s not really easy but you can still find ways to do something together even when you’re not physically together. Here are some ways we used to “date” and how we do it now that we’re already married and physically together. 🙂

Lunch/Dinner Date

  • Then: It usually happened during my lunch/his dinner or my dinner/his midnight snack. We just simply ate at the same time. I usually ate with my family but if I had a date with Marte, I would ask my parents’ permission of I could eat in my room because we’re on a date. Haha. Anyways, sometimes we would eat the same food such as Tocino, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton or McDonald’s (can’t remember if we were really able to try McDo).
  • Now: We just simply eat out. He likes Sushi so I notice that our usual dates are in Japanese restaurants. We also like Korean food. Anyways, of course, it’s nicer now because we can really share our food and I get to know his taste buds better. Haha.

We're not stuck at home after all.

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Playing Games

  • Then: We tried playing different sorts of games. We played Y! Messenger and Skype Games (can’t remember the names of the games though), Facebook games (Words with Friends, Draw Something, Tetris) and on-line board games (Taboo). He also had this application called Steam on my computer and he would buy me games on it that we can play together. My favorite though was when we played a 2D survival game called Terraria where we’re in the same world building our own house and weapons to protect ourselves with zombies and other bad creatures. I always die in this game though. Haha. But it’s fun because I like to dig and explore and also enjoyed the fact that he would always try to protect me.

|01.10.15| Solving puzzles all day with Marte. #LDR #ProfessorLayton

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We also like puzzle games. We played this game at the same time following the same walkthrough. We would also sometimes share screens on Skype.

  • Now: My hubby is a gamer and I feel like he loves me even more when I try to play his favorite games. Hehe. He just bought me a new laptop so I can play League of Legends (LoL). I’m just starting to learn it and once I’m ready, we’ll play it together. I also played Final Fantasy VII on his PS Vita just because he is so excited about the remake that I want to be able to feel the excitement, too. Hehe. We also get to play board games, party games and PS3/4 games with others which is really cool. My favorite game to play with him so far though is this card game called Force of Will. It’s like Magic cards or Yu-Gi-Oh! but the art is really awesome. 🙂

New sets of cards. Who plays #ForceofWill besides me and Marte? #naimpluwensiyahanlang hihi

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Watching Movies

  • Then: We would download the same film and play it at the same time. We would count, “1-2-3” then press play. If I needed a bathroom break, then it would be “1-2-3-pause”.  Haha. We would also sometimes share screens if my internet connection is good. Hehe.
  • Now: Watching movies in the movie house or watching at home while cuddling. :)))

The theater is ours. #firstdate

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  • Then: I know this is not really a date or an activity but I think it helped us got closer. So one of the sweetest things he would always do for me is to stay up until I get home which is about 2-5 a.m, his time. Once we talked about our day and all that, he would sleep. Then I would later sleep, too. The Skype video call is open until the next morning I go to work. Sometimes he’s still sleeping when I wake up but sometimes, he’s already offline because he had gone to work.

#Everynight #LDR

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  • Now: We sleep beside each other, rubbing backs, etc. 🙂


  • Then: This is not really a date, but I tried to learn how to cook his favorite foods. After that, I would take a picture of it and send it to him. Since I was good in taking pictures with filter (haha), he would crave for it and share the photos on his Facebook account. I felt like I just cooked for him.


  • Now: I can really cook for him. Even though he’s kinda picky, he would still eat it. His sister and dad are really good cooks so it’s hard to match them since I’m just a beginner. Haha. Besides “real food”, I also serve him instant or microwavable foods and sandwiches for breakfast or snack and he always appreciates it whenever I do it for him especially when I wake up so early before he goes to work or shall I say #wifeduties?

Being Romantic

  • Then: This is the most challenging part of LDR. It’s really hard to express your affection beyond words on-line. It’s already sweet though when he found the time to talk to you. But what else? When he wanted to give me something, he would have to spend a lot of money for shipping and I would have to wait for a long time (and vice versa). When we wanted to kiss each other, it’s just a pretend one like pouting your lips and kiss in the air with matching sound.
  • Now: Everything else is possible like picking me up from work, spoiling me with things I like, kissing me on my cheek while washing dishes, etc. 🙂 I am so happy. ❤

We are.

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Any suggestion for LDR Dates? Share it in the comments!

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is Helpful in LDR

I was in LDR for five years. I never thought of blogging about it til my fourth year of relationship. I never even intended to start a blog about LDR alone. My purpose for blogging is to connect with other people around the world and share the things about me that they’ll probably not care about. Haha. I know. (Read my first ever post here.)

I enjoy blogging in so many different ways. And I will recommend it to everyone who thinks Facebook and Twitter are just not the right places to share whatever he/she wants to share. 😛 Specifically, I think blogging is helpful to people who are in LDR. Here are some reasons:

1. You have an outlet for your emotions.

This is exactly what I’ve written first for my article The Great 8: Reasons Why I Love Blogging. Yes, I know you have friends and other loved ones that you might love talking to about your LDR but let’s face it, sometimes it’s just not enough for you. Hehe. Sometimes your happiness is just overflowing or sometimes you just need to let out your frustration more. I believe blogging is therapeutic . Just be careful with what you share though. Know your limitations. 🙂


2.You meet others in LDR.

When you get into LDR, you were afraid that other people might judge you because this kind of relationship just isn’t normal. That’s where you’re wrong. Tons of couples all over the world are going through the same thing as you and what’s cooler? A lot of them are on the internet and ready to encourage you.

Wanna join a community of LDR bloggers? Visit this awesome website: and write my name as your referrer. 🙂

badge21-156x1573. You can document the milestones of your relationship.

I only started blogging about LDR in 2014 but it still feels amazing to look back at my old posts. I blogged about how it all began, the challenges we overcame, the first time we met personally, our wedding and still updating about my  Post-LDR life. Documenting them will also inspire and encourage others who are in the same situation. 🙂

4. It’s a way of getting to know each other (or the blogger) more.

I remember when my then-boyfriend-now-hubby used to check my blog everyday if I post something new. Not everything I post was about our relationship. I also used to blog about my childhood, my favorite things, my family and friends and my work. I talked to him a lot but he also loved to know what I wrote.


5. It can help you pass the time.

Blogging can be addicting. It’s up to you how you’ll manage your time in between blogging and communicating with your SO. But it’s one of the ways to pass the time while waiting for that time you’ll be together again.

How does blogging help you personally? Share it in the comments!

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LDR Blues No More: 2015 Highlights

LDR Blues. That’s how I usually started the titles of my posts regarding my LDR sentiments and experiences before. I blogged about them to reach out to others who are in the same situation. I still love sharing these posts until now because I’m still amazed on how everything turned out very well after an eight-year on-line friendship plus five-year long-distance relationship. 2015 is such a great year for us because this is the year that we finally closed the gap! Before I share some of the coolest things that happened the past year, let’s look back first on how everything started…

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Highlights of 2015

I just browsed my Instagram account to see my posts about him which tell the story of our 2015!

First Quarter

Feeling Hopeful

During the start of the year, we were already excited for the big things that are gonna happen the rest of the year. #feelingpositive

|01.08.15| Four years. Six months. #LDR #kontingtiispa

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Still Being Sweet

Even though we would be seeing each other after a few months, he still sent me some sweet things (literally).

|01.09.15| Late Halloween or Early Valentine's Day? Thank you, bebsipot. #chocolateoverload #dietbreak muna #ldr

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Skype, Our Bestfriend!!!

Playing games together during my day-off.

|01.10.15| Solving puzzles all day with Marte. #LDR #ProfessorLayton

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|02.13.15| He loves his new toy. #Terraria #eyeofcthulu #ldr #manchild

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On his way to work… No Skype overnight… #earlyschedule #zombie #zombangag #ldr #timezoneproblems

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Lots of Paperworks

I was also busy working on our K1 Visa papers…

Accomplished my goal for today! ✔#NBIClearance #butinalangwalangpasok

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One more day…

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|03.24.15| Day 2 of my medical exam. Had these and another one on my right arm.

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Second Quarter

Visa Approved!

Yay! This is it! 🙂 Wanna know our K1 Visa Timeline? Click here.

Done with the CFO seminar. #gettingready

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Officially Engaged

He finally went to the Philippines to pick me up. During his first night, he proposed to me. 🙂

So, this just happened. #officiallyengaged #TemWax #myinfinity

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So love this dude. #myinfinity

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Leaving the Philippines

This is it! It’s sad to leave my family and friends but I know I’m safe and I’m loved by this dude.


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First flight.

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Hello, Seattle!

It’s a dream come true to me being in this city with the love of my life!

|05.29.15| Finally able to see this view for real. 🙂

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|06.29.15| Hello, Seattle #latepost #findMarte

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Adjusting with US Life

It’s a whole new different place with new different people to me…

It's an empty road.

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|05.29.15| Dinner.

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Still sunny at night here.

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Enjoying the Moment

It’s like we’re just a new couple who get to do things for the first time!

The theater is ours. #firstdate

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Partners. #LDRnomore #Converse #chucks

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Thanks, beb. :)))

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His Sister’s Wedding

We really aimed for me to get here in 2015 so I can attend her sister’s wedding. I sang for her bridal walk. 🙂 It’s nice to meet his relatives who came all do way from different states.

|06.27.15| At Don and Mae's wedding. #latepost

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Third Quarter

Our Wedding Day

It’s just a simple one but it’s very special to us. It’s our 5th Anniversary.

Red. #myinfinity

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|07.08.15| just got married to my bestfriend. #toinfinityandbeyond

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First Birthdays Together

We finally get to celebrate our birthdays together! 🙂 For his birthday, we went to the movie house as a family. 🙂 On the other hand, on my birthday, we went to Portland for a roadtrip. 🙂

|09.20.15| Feels like I'm in the Philippines. #birthdayweekend #roadtrip #Oregon

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Family Roadtrips

Roadtrips with family are fun. They said that when I wasn’t still here, Marte, my hubby, didn’t use to join them. Maybe it’s because, he didn’t have a partner yet. 😛

Why is this called Diablo Lake, anyway? #roadtrip

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|09.19.15| Beautiful. #birthdayweekend #roadtrip #Oregon

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Fourth Quarter

Spoiled Wife

I wasn’t really asking but he always surprises me with the things I love. The following are Sara Bareilles stuff but he also gives me other things if you check my IG account. Hehe.

Yay. 🙂 #sponsoredbyhubby #whatsinside #waitress #sarabareilles

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First Job in the US

I used to be a teacher in the Philippines but since I’m not a certified teacher here, I had to search for a different job. God is so good because he still put me in a school. This time, I work in a preschool. I can now also help my hubby for finances. 🙂

#taskoftheday making these little clay hands

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Christmas is coming. #preschoolproject #fingerpaint

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First Holidays Together

I shared all bout it here.

Merry Christmas from us. 🙂 #Christmas2015

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|01.01.16| May the force be with you this 2016! #newyear2016 #kyloren #rey

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Thank you for scrolling down until the end. 🙂 If you’re also in LDR, just be patient. It’s all worth the wait. So many things had happened and it’s just our first year. Can’t wait for the new great things to come. 🙂


How was your 2015? Share it in the comments. 🙂




Post-LDR: First Christmas Together

Christmas season is always my favorite time of the year. This is the moment I get to have a break from school, receive Christmas bonus and buy gifts for my loved ones. This also means parties at work and at home. But above all that, it reminds me of how my Savior was born. He’s the reason for the season! But sometimes, I can’t help but feel lonely when I don’t get to celebrate it with my loved ones. For the past five years, I had been longing to be with my LDR boyfriend. This year, we’re finally together as husband and wife and it’s so awesome being able to celebrate it together!

Here are the highlights of this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Celebration with my hubby…

First Winter

I’m from the Philippines so this whole Winter thing is new to me. I’ve been sick for a month and later on found out that it’s the allergy from the cold. One thing about me is that I easily get cold so it’s indeed a challenge for me. One time, it snowed for a little bit but it’s wet so it never really stuck to the ground. Everyone though was excited for me. My hubby even phoned me from work and told me to take a picture with the snow. It’s funny because I was never really excited about it because I hate getting cold. Okay, so I was a little excited about and still interested to see real snow but I still hate the feeling of getting cold. Haha. (Okay, this part wasn’t really Christmas-related… Just sharing… Haha)

Parties with the Fambam

Just like in the Philippines, we had Noche Buena at Christmas Eve and Media Noche at New Year’s Eve. It’s cool how my husband’s family has really good relationship with each other. It’s actually almost every week that we have get-together at home including other family friends. I miss my own family in the Philippines but having a family like them here makes me feel better. I’m blessed that God has put with me good people.

Merry Christmas from us. 🙂 #Christmas2015

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So for the past five years of my relationship with Marte, I haven’t given him a real gift yet. I wrote songs for him or sent him cards as “gifts” but for me, it’s not counted. I really wanted to buy him something but the shipping was always expensive for me. Finally, now that I have a job here, I could give him something that he likes.

My hubby collects robots, video games and other toys for big boys. His favorite game is The Witcher and he wasn’t able to purchase the collector’s edition of The Witcher: Wild Hunt (which is the game of the year, by the way) because we needed to spend a lot for my petition papers before. So, that’s what I bought for him. The package was delivered to our house two days after but was addressed to my sister-in-law. He had no idea what’s inside but would often tease me that he felt like it’s my gift for him. He was really trying to catch me but I just pretended to be annoyed. When Christmas Eve came, I gave him something else: a Batman Robe. He still kissed me and thanked me. I had to wait a little bit more to surprise him with my gift just like the Miss Universe 2015 scene.

Meanwhile, this is what he gave me.


I already knew that he would give me a turntable but I was really really surprise with the Sara vinyl. I really wanted it to be my first vinyl but it was a 2010 album and the only one we can see on-line is worth $800. I already accepted that it’s not gonna happen so I was almost in tears (Okay, I cried a little) when I saw it. I didn’t want him to spend a lot for a vinyl but he said, he was constantly checking it on-line until he got one in much lower price. It was really sweet of him… I couldn’t contain my kilig.

So after everyone’s done with exchanging gifts, I gave him the big box and I could see his excitement. It really felt good seeing him happy with what I gave him. 🙂

Kiss at the First Minute

This is what I posted last year.


They were all wearing onesies during NYE and I could remember how we were talking on Skype during their countdown. He was so excited because 2015 would be a big year for us. One year after, we’re now together at the party. This time, the theme was Star Wars!

|01.01.16| May the force be with you this 2016! #newyear2016 #kyloren #rey

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Before, I was just imagining spending these special occasions with him. But now, we get to hug and kiss each other when the clock strikes midnight. Five Christmases without him by my side but now…

No More Christmases Apart

I heard this song from the Acoustic Christmas playlist of Spotify and I can definitely relate with the chorus.

All My Christmases-smaller


If you’re in a long-distance relationship right now, just hold on! Time will come when you can be in his/her arms during Christmas! 🙂


How about you? How did you spend your Christmas and New Year? Share it in the comments! 🙂


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