10 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Without Torturing Yourself

Okay, let me just say that my blog is supposed to be about happiness and not fitness. But why am I going to post something about weight loss? Well, so I can have more page views. Haha. Just kidding (half-meant). I know how lots of people are probably researching about this. I did. That’s why I know the ways, not because I’m an expert. But even though I know I should stick with these “rules”, the more I stress out about it, the less happier I become. It’s like being healthy contradicts with self-love which sounds wrong.

I’ve been here in America  for four months now and I just gained 6 pounds (which is not a lot, I know). I still have no job (no work permit yet) and still adjusting with American food products.

How am I going to lose weight without being unhappy? Join me here.

Lose Weight

1. Know the formula. Work More + Eat Less = Lose Fat. 

Want to eat more? Move more. 🙂 Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk more. Fidgeting is moving. Simple moves like that can add up to the calories you burn. Try to eat food with less calories. This stresses me out  most of the time so I just kinda ignore it but yeah, let’s be aware of what we eat.

2. Don’t starve yourself.

It’s okay to eat. You heard the phrase (or sentence), “Too much of anything is bad.”? Just eat anything in moderation. If you’re craving for that donut or cake. Grab a bite. Satisfy your craving. Another thing is it’s better to eat every two hours with small portions than eating a big meal (because of too much hunger). The more you starve yourself, the slower your metabolism gets.

3. Drink lots of water.

This is pretty easy. Just drink  at least 8 glasses of water a day. It boosts your metabolism and makes you less hungry. At night, when you feel like you want to have a midnight snack, just drink water. You’re just thirsty.

4. Drink 3-5 cups of green tea a day.

I find this effective.  I love green tea because of its benefits but honestly, I hate the taste of it. (But I love the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino). Anyways, 3 – 5 cups of  green tea (not the Frappuccino) makes you burn about 70 calories even without doing anything. The only downside of this for me is, I pee a lot (which is not bad if you’re just at home all the time). So maybe drink all those cups when you’re already home about 30 minutes to an hour after dinner.

5. Get enough sleep. 

Don’t be a vampire. Less sleeping time makes you eat more. Enough sleep plays a role in regulating your metabolism. Just research about it. There are a lot of health benefits in sleeping.

Patrick sleeping

6. Eat negative-calorie foods.

This is fun. Fruits and veggies with low calories such as apples, cabbage, lemon, broccoli, etc are said to be negative-calorie foods because when you eat them, you need more calories to burn them than you actually get from them. Google those foods now!

7. Avoid eating fast food and junk food.

One meal of McDonald’s is equivalent to two (or maybe three) of home-cooked meals. But oh well, I understand how yummy the fries are. And oh, how I love Cheetos. And soda? Just a sip will do. If you can’t live with them, just try to eat less. 😛 (Duh.)

8. Exercise at least 20-30 minutes a day.

Remember what Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde? “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” Endorphins give you the same feeling as when you eat chocolate and when you’re in-love. But what if I don’t have time to exercise? As they say, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

9. Avoid too much cardio, get some Strength training, too.

There was I time that I’d really really like to gain muscles. Just because I want to be able to eat more without gaining weight. Haha. Too much cardio make you lose fat but it can also burn down your muscles which is not good. So in the first place, the title of this article should not be about losing weight but losing fat. Sorry. If  your weight didn’t change but you’re doing weight training and everything else in this list, then congratulations, you just gained muscle mass.

10. Don’t stress out.

Losing fat is not instant. Stressing out doesn’t help you at all and it might give you the opposite results. Think of the reason why you want to do this. Is it for health reasons? Then, that’s a very good motivation. Want to impress others? Or a lot of people insult you? Whatever you reasons are, I hope you do it for yourself. Do what will make you happy.


  • I’m a person with lots of insecurities and writing this article is like hypocrisy. But sometimes, I write these things not only for other people but also as a reminder for myself.
  • I’m not the perfect person to testify that these tips are true but I’m pretty sure these are effective, I’m just not able to do them constantly. I don’t have the perfect body but no body is perfect (no pun intended). Anyways. we all have different body types so don’t torture yourself. Know when you’ve done enough.
  • I’ll say it again. Do what will make you happy. If eating is what you love, then eat. If looking at the mirror makes you depressed because you think you’re “too fat”, do something about it. If you don’t want to, then just be contented with your body. You look beautiful no matter what, anyway.

Be happy with your body quote

So there ya go, either follow my tips on losing fat or be happy with your body. Your choice. 🙂

Any other tips that you know of? Do you also have body insecurities? What do you do to get over them?

Don’t forget to smile. 🙂



What’s on My Desk?

Yesterday, I took a picture of my messy table. I was planning to post it on my Instagram but I ended with a different picture instead. When I checked the Daily Prompt today, it says to post about the last picture I have taken so here it is. I put some markings though so it won’t look like it’s a hidden-object game. Haha. Submission of grades was supposed to be three days from now. That’s why my table looks like this.

10928649_10205519019916527_876945668_n copy

What’s on Teacher Wax’s Desk?

A. My Class Schedule. I’m handling 11 sections and I meet them twice a week. The schedule was not easy to memorize since it’s different everyday. On Tuesdays, I only have three classes but on Wednesdays, I have six! That’s six hours of teaching!

B. My Laptop. I need this everyday. I use this from preparing lessons to calculating grades. It was shut down on this picture because I need to focus on checking first. I’ll be distracted if I turn it on.

C. Pile of Notebooks. It’s one of my requirements. I’m teaching Values Education in a public school. Sadly, they don’t have books for this subject. Photocopies are not allowed so I require them to copy notes (which takes time, by the way. 😦 ) At the end of each lesson, I ask them to write journal entries so they can express the things they have learned.

D. My Multi-Colored Pen. I just love the shades of this pen. (It’s not seen on the picture though!) I use this in checking my students’ outputs. I’m not a big fan of the red pen in checking!

E. Class Record. We can just actually record grades directly to the computer but I still prefer to write them first so I can encode grades easily.

F. Pencil Case. Besides pens, having a correction tape and a stapler inside my pencil case is a must.

G. Index Card. I dunno but there are still students who forget to write their names on their notebooks. While I’m still searching for the anonymous owners of these notebooks, I record their grades here.

H. Pile of Answer Sheets. The next grades I have to record will be from their tests.

I. Blue Clear Book. This is not supposed to be on my table but since it’s almost full, it’s getting harder to put it inside my drawer. I insert my certificates, test papers and other documents here.

J. Lesson Plan. That’s actually my old one. (I submit my current LP to my department head every Monday). I’m still using it for other note-taking purposes.

K. Post-It. Well, who doesn’t need it?

L. Random Stuff. I’m not sure if you can see everything but here are the things you can find on that upper right side of my table:

  • an empty bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol – Yes, I’m not throwing it yet. Well, it’s a small bottle. I can just refill it but I always forget. 🙂
  • a pen holder – with pens, ruler, scissors, candies and whatever stuff that fits in it
  • glue – I have bad handwriting. I type my lesson plan, print it out and stick it to my lesson plan (the big notebook -see letter J).
  • a small bowl, a mug and an eco-bottle – my cabinet is full so they’re on my table. Plus, I always use them.
  • Graham crackers – my snack
  • another pile of notebooks and worksheets – I’ve got loads of stuff to do.

M. A Student’s Project. Their project is to make anything out of recycled objects. This one is already late in submission so it’s the only one on my table. It’s a bottle of brandy with marbles (also known as jolens–a traditional game) inside.

Whoo! And I thought this is going to be a short post. Hehe.

It’s embarrassing to say but I can’t really maintain a neat table. Good thing, I just found out that I’m not alone. Even Mark Twain, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein have messy desks and it’s actually a sign of having a creative mind!

I am sure that I will clean this up once I’m finished with my grades but as days go by, I know it’ll end up messy again. Well, I’ll just listen to Einstein.

“If a cluttered desk a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” -Einstein


What about you? What are your desk essentials? Share it in the comments! 🙂

My Great 8: New Year Goals

new-year-goalWoohoo!!! Happy New Year to you all! As I’ve shared to you on my last post, 2014 has been a challenging year for me. There are still a few hours left before 2015 as I am writing this post and before I welcome the new year, let me just list down the things I want to achieve starting tomorrow!

1. Continue blogging. Yes, you heard it right. I am so glad that I get to start a blog this 2014 but after my father passed away, my momentum on blogging had stopped. I dunno. But now, I want to get back to the community and embrace my blog. I am planning to revamp my blog (and prolly change the name) this summer.

2. Learn more how to cook. There’s a possibility that I’ll get married this year. *oh yeah* So, this one’s a must. But I am also really loving to cook. I was just not able to try different recipes this past year.


I think the last time that I cooked was for my boyfriend’s birthday. I tried to make Yakisoba because he loves Japanese food. It’s not even delicious. Haha. Good thing, he’s at the other side of the world and not able to taste it. I still have time to practice. The pic on the right is a plate of cheese sticks.

3. Improve my music skills. The goal that I set last year was to record three songs every month: one cover, one collaboration and one original song. I only ended up with four songs in total. Being an an artist is my ultimate dream but I can’t even to do the small things to achieve it. Or probably, I can begin now with more realistic goals. Maybe just one song a month is enough. 🙂 Here’s the last song I posted on Soundcloud which is a collaboration with my friend from Indonesia.

4. Watch more TV series and movies. I just missed a lot. Enough said.

5. Be more confident. I feel like I have some self-esteem problem. Haha. It’s kinda weird because I was never like this when I was younger. Anyways, I should stop being insecure and feel more beautiful.

6. Continue with my current diet and workout plans. It’s not much but I’m trying to eat healthy food and do some regular exercise and I feel better so far!

7. Catch up with friends! Since we moved to our new place, I started to be a homebody. And even on-line, I feel like I’m ignoring my friends. Time to bond with them again!

8. Get closer to God. This is my most important goal. In every trial I experienced the past year, God was always there to help me. But to be honest, those were the only times I get to talk to him… I should get back to taking my daily vitamins: reading the bible and praying.


What are your new year goals? Share it in the comments! 🙂

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The Great 8: Reasons Why I Love Blogging

It’s been three months since I started blogging and I truly enjoy it! I started blogging as a result of my boring summer but I was never expecting that it will be this fun! Here are some reasons why blogging rocks.

1. I have an outlet for my emotions.FeelingsMy original purpose for blogging is to have an on-line diary where I can document and share what’s happening in my life. Whether I’m happy or upset, it just feels so good to let the words flow and speak my mind.

2. I learn. I love reading as much as I love writing. It’s amazing how I learn different things everyday from other bloggers. Besides that, everytime I post something, I tend to research on related articles. Sometimes, I end up with unrelated posts or sites but still, I wouldn’t hang in there if I’m not getting anything useful (or entertaining. Hehe).


This is how excited I get everytime I learn something.

3. Blogging buddies! This is really my favorite part of blogging: connecting with other people from different parts of the globe. It’s like the world is getting smaller. I love meeting new people and reading about what’s going on in their world.Blogging Buddies

4. I appreciate little things. Since I started blogging, I begin to notice things that I haven’t noticed much before like simple pleasures and thoughts.totallygoinginmyblog

5. I can practice and improve my skills.  I have also decided to start a blog because I was assigned to teach a Filipino subject. My major is English and still want to practice and improve it by writing. Through blogging, I also got interested to develop other skills such as graphic designing and photography.

6. It develops my self-esteem. I’m aware that I’m not much of a good writer but seeing some responses from my readers makes me feel that somehow, I can do this.Celebrate me

7. I have something to look back and forward to. Oh yeah! I’m a very sentimental person so it would be nice to look back on the things I’ve written about but it also makes me excited to see responses from my visitors each day and to achieve my goals.

8. I’ve got the power!i-ve-got-the-power-o

I got this idea from The Journal (Read: The Power of Blogging). I blog because it’s my hobby but beyond that, it gives me the power to influence, to heal or to inspire.


What do you love most about blogging?


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The Great 8: Perks of Being a Teacher

Photo from hypable.com

Photo from hypable.com

It’s the first day of school on Monday so I have to motivate myself! Hehe. Just kidding. But honestly, being a teacher is something I’ve never dreamed of. I was a lazy student so who would have thought? I was planning to take up Mass Communication in college but because of some twist of fate, I ended up taking Education and I finished it. Oh well, now I never regret it and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Reasonable Working Hours and Vacation. When I worked as a call center agent, I talk on the phone for 8 hours, but when you’re a teacher you will only have about 4 to 5 classes a day. That means, you have vacant hours to prepare your lessons or relax and rest your voice before the next class. If there are no students, there are no classes. I have my weekends off and get to spend the holidays with my family and friends and join activities in church during my summer vacation. 🙂

2. Not a Routine Job. Yep, I meet my students everyday, teach lessons, check papers, calculate grades and all that but every year, there are different activities, new students and I can present the same lesson in a different way.

3. Career Security. There will always be students so there will always be clients. Besides that, there are also a lot of financial benefits like health insurances and pension plans.

4. Learning Never Stops. You cannot give what you don’t have so teaching requires you to read more and study the lesson until you master the topic. I learn from my students, too (not only academically, but also the latest trends). 🙂

5. Use of Other Hobbies and Talents. Sometimes, I take my favorite TV shows, songs or movies as examples if they are related to my lesson. I can also use my talent in music if it is applicable. In school programs and activities, the talents of teachers are really maximized.

Photo from jessandnicks.tumblr.com

Photo from jessandnicks.tumblr.com

6. Power to Influence. I have the chance to influence at least 40 people in an hour and of course, I’ll take advantage of that in a positive way. 🙂

7. Respect and Admiration. When people find out you’re a teacher, somehow, they respect you. You also know that you can be a source of inspiration to your students. I hope to never waste this opportunity.

8. Fulfillment. Nothing beats the reward of seeing your students be successful. I’ve only been teaching for five years but it makes me proud to see my old students become better students, enter college, graduate and start a profession. The more rewarding when they remember you. 🙂

If you are a teacher, what other perks can you add on the list?


Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing