MMI: Do the Right Thing

This week’s music inspiration is “All at Once” by The Fray.

I love a lot of songs from The Fray and this is just one of them. I never actually know what the whole song is about until today when I read the whole lyrics because ever since then, this is the line that strikes me the most.

All at Once

Back then, I was in a bad relationship. I knew I had to let go with that person but it was too hard for me. It hurt to let go but when I finally did, I ended up being happier.

In our lives, we face different situations where we find it hard to do the right thing even though we are fully aware of it. We follow our hearts more than our minds despite the pain. This doesn’t only relate with relationships, okay?

I dare you to do the right thing today. You deserve to be happy.

How’s your heart today? Share it in the comments!


My Infinity: 8 Songs I’ve Written About Love and Distance

Last time, I shared the songs I considered as the official soundtrack of my love story. That includes popular songs from popular artists. This time, I would like to share to you the songs I’ve personally written for the love of my life. My bestfriend who is in LDR  listens to some of my songs as she can relate with them so hopefully, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you will like them, too. 🙂

1. First Love Song

And now, I’ve learned to write a love song ’cause you showed me how to love
Listen to my song ’cause this is what my heart wants you to know
I am so in-love…

Story Behind the Song: I wrote this even before my then-boyfriend-now-hubby became official. Since I couldn’t give him any present for his birthday, I thought of just writing a song for him. I was also planning to say “yes” to him on his birthday (he was still courting me at that time) but I couldn’t help it so it happened a few days early. This still stayed as my birthday gift and he was so happy about it. He told me that I beat all the “special” presents he received before.

It is literally the first love song I’ve written. I tried to write songs before but they would always be corny and mostly about heartache and foolish love. So this song means, because of him, I can now write love songs now that I feel that I am truly  loved.

Note: This version features Gorga Simobolon. A great artist from Indonesia. He’s my friend and was kind enough to play the music for me.

2. Infinity

‘Cause your love has taken over me and I can’t resist
To be with you, I’ll take every risk…

Story Behind the Song: This is the second one I wrote for him. It’s not as good as the first one but it still talks about my feelings for him. “Infinity” is kind of our thing because our anniversary is on July 8th. 🙂 “Baby” or “beb” is our term of endearment.

3. Do You Still Love Me?

Do you still love me, baby?
‘Cause I will still love you, dear

Story Behind the Song: This is the song that my hubby doesn’t like. Haha. Well, it’s pretty obvious. But I will include this just so you know that our relationship had experienced some problems, too. The chorus was supposed to be “Will you smile for me, baby?” but then it changed when I received some painful text messages from him. That time, we hadn’t met in person yet. And I felt that he’s kind of cold. And so the words in the verses came from our conversation about it. When you’re far apart and haven’t met in person, it’s only normal to ask yourself how you really feel. I couldn’t remember what happened next but all I know is our relationship as boyfriend-girlfriend lasted for 5 years and now we’re happily married.

Note: This version is produced by David Diem. An incredible artist and my friend from France.

4. But I Do

I know we’re miles apart but I do, but I do love you much
I know we’re miles away but I do, but I do love you, anyway

Story Behind the Song: I think this is my personal favorite. This is really about long-distance relationship. I described what I felt with him despite the distance and the other struggles that come with it like opposite time zones and discouraging people. (Read the full story and lyrics here.)

Note: This version was accompanied with drums played by Marcos GC, a talented drummer and a friend from Spain. 🙂

5. Worth the Wait

And I won’t wait this long if it’s not you that I am waiting
And I know a happy ending will be right there for me
In its time

Story Behind the Song: To be honest, I never really imagined myself being in a relationship with someone I had never met in person yet. And to wait for so many years just to be with him? Well, I just knew that he was worth the wait. If it was not him, I would not be in this kind of relationship. (Read the full story and lyrics here.)

Note: Another song accompanied with drums played by Marcos GC.

6. Forever Starts Today

Everyone says that what we have
Will never last ’cause it’s different
But we proved them wrong and we’ve gone so strong
We will sing a thousand love songs

Story Behind the Song: I wrote this during the during the 3rd year of our relationship. I am just so amazed how we started out as on-line friends and turned to on-line lovers after 8 years. Who would thought of that? And despite the distance and challenges, we overcame it. This song is also about looking forward to the future. 🙂

Note: This was again accompanied by drums played by Marcos GC. He’s really so kind to help me make my songs sound better. 🙂

7. Glass

When oceans and lands are between us
The love that we have is the kind that will last

Story Behind the Song: This is another LDR song. It’s about missing him. The glass is the computer monitor. Hehe. We see each other but there’s still great barrier between us.

8. You Are

You, You’re the best dream I have that came true
The one who makes me smile when I am blue
You are mine and I belong to you

Story Behind the Song: This is just a fun song about how he is to me. 🙂


Which one is your favorite? Share it in the comments, please! 🙂

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My Vinyl Collection: January and February 2016

I love music! And I’m taking it to the next level by starting a vinyl collection of the records that I love. My aim is to have at least one vinyl record a month but since I’m just starting, I can’t help but purchase more than my goal. 🙂 Here’s my collection so far…

Vinyl #1: Kaleidoscope Heart | Sara Bareilles


How I Got It: My first ever vinyl given to me by my loving hubby for Christmas. My fave album of all time (or so far). 🙂
Songs You Might Know from this Album: King of Anything, Gonna Get Over You, Uncharted
My Personal Favorite: Every song is awesome that’s why it’s my favorite. But I’m going to share this one: Hold My Heart
Reason: Can you try not to be emotional while listening to this song?

Vinyl #2: Jagged Little Pill | Alanis Morissette


How I Got It: The original turntable that my hubby gave me for Christmas was Crosley. However, when I tried my Sara Bareilles album, it was skipping. He surprised me one day with this vinyl record. I also love Alanis so I’m pretty happy with what he bought for me. Now, we would try if it was a scratched vinyl or it’s the turntable that we needed to replace. Turned out, it was turntable. We returned it and bought Audio-Technica. Now all my vinyls are playing on it properly. 🙂
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Ironic, Hand in My Pocket, Uncharted
My Personal Favorite/s: Ironic and Head Over Feet
Reason: They are part of my life’s soundtrack. 🙂

Vinyl #3: X | Ed Sheeran

Vinyl #3. Si Batman talaga nag-co-collect ng vinyl records, 'di ako. #sponsoredbyhubby #edsheeran #x #multiply

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How I Got It: I asked my hubby to buy me a new vinyl as a joke. When he got home, he gave me this. I told him that I was just kidding. I love Ed Sheeran but I want to buy the old albums first. I still appreciate it though. 🙂 Plus, this album is on my iPod which is what I consider first before buying a record.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Don’t
My Personal Favorite: One. I actually just heard this song when I listened to the vinyl. I didn’t know it was his single. It’s so underrated.
Reason: It’s just so good to listen to. Its music and lyrics are both awesome!

Vinyl #4: Juno OST | Various Artists

Vinyl #4 and #5. First time that I was the one who purchased them. Hee. #Juno #SheandHim

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How I Got It: I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a vinyl record for the first time. It was like heaven! I was thinking what to buy first until I saw the OST of the movie Juno! I love that soundtrack and I was just surprised to see it. Since it was cheaper than most of the vinyls, I already made sure that I would purchase it.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Anyone Else But You, I’m Sticking With You, Superstar
My Personal Favorite: Anyone Else But You and all the Kimya Dawson songs in the album. 🙂
Reason: The lyrics are genius! Haha.

Vinyl #5: Volume One | She and Him

How I Got It: As I continued browsing, this was the the next one that I planned to buy and eventually did. It had the same price so I bought two at the same day.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, I Should Have Known Better
My Personal Favorite: I don’t think I have a personal favorite, honestly. But I do like all the songs.
Reason: They are all catchy and it’s the perfect album to play on a turntable because they sound so classic.

Vinyl #6: The All-American rejects | The All-American Rejects

Vinyl #6 First splatter vinyl. #highschoolmemories #TheAllAmericanRejects #AAR

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How I Got It: The first record I bought on-line (Amazon)! I made a wishlist of the ones I want to buy in the future but this is definitely one of my fave albums so I got it first.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Swing Swing, Time Stands Still, The Last Song
My Personal Favorite: The Last Song
Reason: It just brings me a lot of high school memories. 🙂

EVinyl #7: Everybody | Ingrid Michaelson

Vinyl #7 white vinyl. 🙂 #IngridMichaelson #Everybody #GurlsRule

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How I Got It: This is my fave album from Ingrid but for some reason, it wasn’t on my Wish List. It was either not available or very expensive at the time I made the list. While I was browsing Amazon one day, I saw how cheap it was. I didn’t think twice and bought the album.
Songs You Might Know from this Album: Maybe, The Chain, Everybody
My Personal Favorite: Everybody.
Reason: It reminds me of my bffs– Chax, Bax and Dax.


That’s all for now. 🙂

What’s your favorite album of all time? Share it in the comments!


MMI: Don’t Forget That You are Blessed

This week’s music inspiration is This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli.

I first heard this song from Wow Hits 2012 and it’s one of my many faves from this compilation. This song comes to my mind everytime I’m stressed and when I experience a lot of “bad luck” in a day. I try to tell myself not to worry but sometimes I couldn’t help it.

This morning was my interview for my Adjustment of Status. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was anxious. It went well though and it was actually pretty easy. It made me realize how useless it is to worry especially when I know that God is with me.

This is the Stuff

God gives us small and big trials and we just have to trust Him. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that these trials are blessings!


What’s the greatest blessing you received today? Share it in the comments!

MMI: Happy Heart

Happy Valentines! 🙂 This week’s music inspiration is Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid is one of my favorite female artists. And this is one of my favorite songs from her. 🙂 It’s just so catchy! Plus, it also tells us some truth about love.


Life is better with pain. Well, I’m not a masochist. It’s just that, we much appreciate the good things more when we’ve experienced the bad things. We appreciate the stars when there’s darkness. Feeling the pain means that you’re not numb. If you’re in pain right now, don’t worry, something good will happen next. It’s just a cycle, I guess.

As a treat, I’m also going to share this cover of the song. This is with my bffs 😛

What song describes your weekend? Share it in the comments!

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