Movie List 2014

I love movies but I don’t usually go to the cinemas because I’m a homebody. Yeah…boring… Hahaha. I noticed lately though that I don’t get to watch a lot of movies as much as I used to. So, from now on, my goal is to watch 100 movies in a year, but since its already July, I’m gonna go with fifty. This idea came from Redg vs. The Machine.  I’m not good in writing reviews so I will just put a one(or two)-sentence comment for each film and this rating:

5 stars – I can watch this again!
4 stars – Recommended but it depends on your taste.
3 stars – I like it.
2 stars – Needed to fast forward it.
1 star – Wasted more than one hour of my life.

My 2014 list starts here…

  • 1/50 – What’s Eating Glibert Grape (1993) – Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio in one movie? I seriously regret I’ve just seen it now. This is an early proof that Leo deserves an Oscar. (5 stars)
  • 2/50  – Saving Mr. Banks (2013) – Not usually a fan of biopics but this is Disney! Emma Thompson’s character is hilariously annoying. (5 stars)
  • 3/50  – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) – This is the only second Will Ferrell movie I’ve seen. I think Elf‘s still funnier. (3 stars)
  • 4/50  – Looper (2012) – All I can say is Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis were both hot on this movie. And I love the ending. (3 stars)
  • 5/50  – They Came Together (2014) – The plot line is bleh and the movie was just so corny but that’s kinda the point. I laughed at most scenes. The actors are the best thing abut this film. (3 stars)
  • 6/50  – Yes Man (2008) – Felt like I was watching a classic comedy (90’s) which is a good thing. I was just excited to see Zooey Deschanel but I was surprised to see Bradley Cooper, Danny Masterson and Rhys Darby. 🙂 (3 stars)
  • 7/50  – Divergent (2014) – I haven’t read the book so I dunno if it’s really disappointing like what they say on reviews. I personally find it entertaining and that’s good enough for me. Sometimes though I felt like I’m watching a chick flick but that’s okay because Theo James is hot! (3 stars)
  • 8/50 – Reality Bites (1994) – Pure 90’s chick flick. (3 stars)
  • 9/50 – Aladdin (1992) – Why, oh why have I not watched this when I was kid? I felt like I missed half of my childhood. It’s funny, entertaining and definitely one of the best Disney classics. (5 stars)
  • 10/50 – Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) – Second film for my Robin Williams movie marathon. His portrayal of a 60-year-old nanny is quite amusing.  (4 stars)
  • 11/50 – Jack (1996) – This is  less fun than the two previous movies but I still enjoyed it. (3 stars)
  • 12/50 – Godzilla (2014) – It’s great but I was waiting for even just a bit of humor. It’s just too serious. (3 stars)
  • 13/50 – Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) – A heartwarming movie about father-daughter relationship. It’s quite funny, too. This will be a memorable film for me because just a couple of hours after I finished it, my father had passed away. 😦 (4 stars)
  • 14/50 – Maleficent (2014) – Good enough. (3 stars)
  • 15/50 – The Lego Movie (2014) – It’s just so cute. 🙂 And I love how it gets more awesome in the end. (4 stars)
  • 16/50 – The Fault in Our Stars (2014) – I didn’t get bored but I didn’t feel anything special. I didn’t laugh. I didn’t cry. I didn’t get kilig. It’s just okay, I guess.  (3 stars)
  • 17/50 – Neighbors (2014)An example of modern comedy. (3 stars)
  • 18/50 – The Beast and the Beauty (2005) – I think the guy’s just stupid to make the situation complicated but it’s still cute. (4 stars)

Most of the movies here will have the rating 3 stars and above because I only pick those films I’m interested in or those which already have good reviews.

This list is still on going…

What one movie can you watch over and over again? Write it in the comments… 🙂

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